The PAR (PURE Autoship Rewards) Program is a convenient way to have your favorite products shipped to you monthly. When you keep your account active and regularly participate in the program, PURE will reward you with PAR Points that can be redeemed for FREE product, applicable on most of our popular items.

Plus, get access to exclusive offers through PAR Perks every month when you have had three consecutive months of autoships. Each consecutive autoship earns you 20% of the PV from that order in PAR Points.

100 PV autoship = 20 PAR Points


PAR Points are awarded based on the PV of each autoship order. The initial purchase of a new IBO, Member or Preferred Customer is eligible for PAR Points. Up to 75 PAR Points may be accrued on an initial qualifying order and all qualifying autoship orders. Points can be redeemed on or after three (3) consecutive autoships. PAR orders may be added to an autoshipment via Sales Support as long as the request is made one day prior to processing date. All payment for autoship is due at that time. Upon cancellation of autoship, any unused PAR Points that have accrued on the account will be forfeited two months after cancellation. 

Products available for redemption may change based on availability.

To redeem your PAR Points or for any other questions please contact Sales Support at (866) 535-5888. Shipping and handling costs for PAR Point redemption orders will be the responsibility of the ordering IBO.

Click Here to see list of redeemable products.